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There was a time partway through the summer where I realized I’ve been a wee bit fixated on finding pretty patterns in everyday places & taking photos of them. Going back through, it seemed like it would be fun to see them all in the same place, and sliced up. Why not.

Fireworks, Trees, Sand

Museums and Mosaics

Market Shopping, Soccer Game

Patterns, Log Cabin, Bird Cages

Kayaking, Gorge, Wildflowers

Beach Grass, Tomatoes, Channel

Boardwalk, Flower, Stormy SkylineIn these photos are parks and museums and beaches and mountains and fireworks and gardens and rivers and hikes and porch chairs and restaurants with friends and adventures in new places.

It was a wonderful summer. So. Forgive me if I don’t throw myself into pumpkin-land quite yet. Although the rumors are true – I’ve already worn mittens.