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Friends, you’re not gonna believe this! As of May 15, 2011, it has officially been ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. since I was prescribed any oral or IV antibiotics!


I think I better explain myself a little, here.. It’s probably been between 15-20 years since I’ve gone the whole year with no oral antibiotics. Part of having cystic fibrosis is having occasional lung infections that I just can’t kick on my own.

Being “on” antibiotics is not a big deal in itself. However, as we know, the more you use them, the better the chance is that they will lose their effectiveness. So then you have to use them for a longer period of time, or a higher dose, or in IV form, or coupled with other IV meds.. It goes on and on. Having CF, there is a small degree of uncertainty every time an antibiotic treatment is started. How long will it take this time?

I spent almost the entire calendar year of 2008 on some form of antibiotic therapy. Between the pills and IV’s, I just couldn’t shake the infections. At one point, my lung capacity measured at 33% (the FEV1). I didn’t think I’d ever recover back to my normal self (over 70%). But.. This post is not about that. I just wanted to give you an idea of what it is to go from there to ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. with no antibiotics!

I did recover my full health after that year, but last spring (2010) once again brought several months full of different antibiotic combinations, trying to chase down the ever-elusive lung infection. It was a long, hard spring. We all took our turns at being sick, and for the first time ever, Mark & I were on IV therapy at the same time. After a record (for me) eight weeks straight of IV’s, the infection finally was defeated, and I came out of the long hard spring feeling as good as I ever have. I did better on my breathing test in July than I had in probably 10 years.

I learned from these two experiences that my “sick times” don’t all go in only one direction. I can regain my health! It’s a really big deal in my head to know this. It gives me hope.

It was with this knowledge that we entered into last summer – “cancer”. Isn’t God good to give me reasons to hope right before that scary time?

The big surgery, the recovery, the winter season, the spring season, every little cold, every virus around town.. All of these are reasons I could have needed antibiotics sometime in the last year. But I didn’t.

I am thankful. ONE. WHOLE. YEAR. that I will never forget.

None of it, none of it would have been possible but by the grace of God. My life is a gift from Him, and I think that a large part of my health in the last year is because He answered your prayers on my behalf. So, once again I thank you for being such faithful pray-ers!

Thank you, Jesus.. For One. Whole. Year.

Oh by the way..

Were you planning on joining in on the CF Great Strides walk this Saturday (the 21st)? We’ve got about 15 people so far, but I think we can do better. Thank you to those who have donated already – and if you would still like to, I’ll put the link below. Here are the details in case you’d like a reminder.. And I’ll look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning! *wink*

  • Grand Rapids walk is downtown at the Calder Plaza (free parking right next to plaza). Registration begins at 9, walk begins at 10.
  • If you’d like to register to join our team, click here. Our team name is “Steppin’ Up”.
  • If you’d like to donate, click here.
  • If you have any questions, leave a comment here or contact me directly!

Once again, please don’t feel any pressure. I only want to encourage those of you who would like to participate in this fundraiser!

Thanks for rejoicing with me today, Friends! Isn’t it wonderful to have so much to be thankful for?