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Hello, Friends! I hope your weekend was ever-so-lovely. This summer sure has been hard to beat, and this past weekend was icing on the cake. The days have been hot, the night air cool.. Josh & I couldn’t resist one of our favorite summertime traditions – a “slumber party” on our back porch. We look forward to this every year!

Oh by the way, in case you didn’t notice, the name of this blog has changed to “Inspire, to breathe”. I’ve been considering new names for a while now and few things have stuck out as fitting for this blog. The more I thought about this one, the more I liked it, because:

  • I like to post about things that are inspiring, and to give us a moment to take a break, to breathe.
  • I also post about my health – the reason this blog even started, right? – so it makes sense that I am “inspired to breathe” .. Cheesy, yes, but it’s still one way to read the title.
  • To inspire means to breathe in, so it could even be read as a definition.

So there’s a little insight into the name switch. As the tagline says, I still plan on keeping most of my posts related to these three categories:

  • Home – Home/garden stuff, things around the house including more on my love for vintage.
  • Life – This is not a diary, but of course some things can’t be left out! My health is an obvious mention here.
  • Pretty Things – I don’t know about you, but I love looking at pretty things! It adjusts my view of life to look at the beauty around me – even in the small stuff. We have a creative Creator, & there’s always something new to appreciate.

The question is, what topics would you like to see more of? Is there something you wish I would spend more time on? Anything you’re sick of? Lay it on me!

Lastly.. Thanks for reading. I’m not sure what draws each of you to this little blog but I so appreciate you! It’s been a really fun community to be a part of, and one that brought me through a very difficult time.

Thanks for being there, Friends!