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As I mentioned on Saturday, this is a year of milestones for my parents. They both turn 60 this year (remember Mom’s 60th?)and next month is their 35th wedding anniversary.

Here are a few photos from their party this weekend – which happened to be on the most beautiful September day!

Mexican Blanket Pile

Cake Licker

Flowers & Popcorn

Party Pavilion

They opened presents – which by the time you’re 60, let’s face it, presents usually come in paper form – and Thomas brought Dad gourd after gourd. “It’s your BIRTHDAY Grandpa!”

qu_dTR on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

For Dad’s birthday gift, a bunch of us pooled together the cash to buy new sails for his sailboat! He told me this weekend that his current sails are older than me. Enough said.


These photos were taken on Labor Day, when Josh & I went out for an afternoon sail with my parents in Muskegon. Dad didn’t know then but I was giving those old sails the stink eye – they’ve overstayed their welcome I guess.

Today Dad is 60. Happy Happy Birthday, Dad! We sure do love you.