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As I’ve mentioned, our Mother’s Day weekend was a flurry of activity, ending with a super casual Brandsen family dinner at our house on Sunday evening. Not only was it Mother’s Day, but (my sister-in-law) Jenna’s birthday too!

Being realistic with myself, I figured I could probably either make a special recipe for dessert or something that looked pretty, but not both. And so this weekend, chocolate pudding with whipped topping took a turn for the fancy.

These parfait glasses were a birthday gift from last year that I haven’t used yet, and now I know that if you want perfect layers, you’ve got to do better than pouring pudding over a spoon. Which leads me to my self-evaluated grade: A for effort (I tried the layer thing), C for execution (layers are tougher than they seem). Or is it C for effort, because pudding is so easy, and A for execution, because it ended up relatively pretty and still edible?

The bottom line is: I have these pretty little parfait glasses. What’s your favorite parfait dessert? And can you tell me how to make it? As much as we all love pudding, I think these guys deserve something a wee bit more exciting next time.

(And yes, we lit a candle in Jenna’s parfait. Obvs.)