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I’m beyond excited about my garden right now. The peonies, poppies, lilacs.. It’s so much my favorite that I can’t even bring myself to post the photos I’ve been taking, as if it would make them go away or something.

So because I can’t get a grip on myself, today we’ll focus on the inside stuff.

My tray of seeds: These guys are a bunch of come-from-behind-ers, I just know it. The sweet peas have already been transplanted and now I’m ready to plant the tomatoes. Snapdragons are not far behind..

This is a pot of mixed greens and california poppies in the center – this is gonna be pretty next month!

This guy has seen some better days. But is he giving up? No! He just keeps on going. Somewhere. Not sure where.

Over the winter I learned that if you take the leaf of a succulent and plant it, a whole new plant will grow from it. This discovery has led to little starter plants everywhere. What I think I’m going to do with them, I don’t know. But I love to watch them grow. Simple pleasures, right?

My little back porch garden is a mix of herbs and succulents right now. Parsley, lavender, cilantro, green onions, string of pearl succulents, and other little succulent babies.

But. These are by far my favorite!

P.S. Thanks for your generous donations to the CFF Great Strides walk – every year you guys blow me away! We’re going to have a great time tomorrow. Due to my recently-sprained (mostly recovered) sprained ankle, in lieu of walking, I’m going to leave after registration and go get Grandma while everyone does the actual walk. She’ll enjoy a good post-walk hot dog as much as the next person.