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As I mentioned earlier this week our little house is currently whirling with projects, one of them being the installation of a new front door. So, um, hopefully you won’t mind if today’s post is chock full of doors. They’re sorta on the brain. And they’re prettier to look at than ceiling paint, which is also on the brain. If you’re me. Which I am. But you’re not. So you probably don’t care. Hmm..

Now that we’re all confused, it’s time for a little piece of front door inspiration!

Oh by the way, I love this next photo.. Mostly because that color is almost exactly like the color of our new door!

Another idea that caught my eye this week is using contact paper to cover windows while still allowing light to come through. These designs are all interesting but my favorite is the very last. We’re going to try our hand at something similar – I have a feeling this could get complicated!

All photos found via pinterest. Click here for sources.

So which door did you adore, Friends? I’ll enjoy our new door a little more (sorry, over the top assonance, getting annoying) once I’m done painting trim. But as for you, feel free to just sit back, sip your coffee, & be glad you’re not the one inhaling paint fumes.

Happy weekend, Friends! Let’s get on with it!