As you may already know, Josh has a job that requires occasional travel. Sometimes I get left behind at home and raccoons end up in the house. Sometimes I can squeeze my toothbrush in his suitcase & come along. This last weekend the destination was Chicago, and I went along. I love that you now think that all I need to bring with me is a toothbrush. Ha!

We had roughly 25 hours. He had work, I had play. Here’s what it looked like for me:

Taking the train to see my cousin. (Hi, Laura!)

Pretty homes in Wicker Park.

Rushing back to the hotel for a late dinner with friends from Josh’s work.

Enjoying the view from our hotel room. Not too shabby, eh?

Walking along the river on the way to Navy Pier.

Meeting up for a quick lunch in Millennium Park before hitting the road back home.

25 hours in Chicago. I’d do it again in a minute.