I’ve been done with all of my antibiotics now for 5 days, so why not do a little update? In general it’s hard for me to know how much to talk about when it comes to Cystic Fibrosis because really it’s an every day thing. But it isn’t every THING every day. I don’t want people to only hear from me when I’m in the trenches with a lung infection but that seems to be where we are with this blog for now. So, thank you for allowing imperfect glimpses, and thank you for caring and praying for me (us) so thoughtfully when we need it most.

Coming off these intense meds is always a physical adjustment as systems regulate and I work on stamina and strength. It is also mental because in “patient mode” I’m constantly assessing my body for symptoms. Hopefully there is less of that and more awareness of the world outside my body in regular life. Also, in the past year+, anxiety has come into the mix at times when things are hard. Not often, but enough to know what it is and how much I don’t want it.

Thankfully this past week has been on track. I am not back to my “baseline” but am hoping to be ready to hit the pool this coming week and get back into more normal routines. I haven’t been back to the pool yet because early mornings feel so *early* and swimming is hard enough when I feel strong. When I can’t breathe (even at my best it’s not great) and my strength isn’t there, swimming is misery. I like to get some level of exercise tolerance back first so I’m working on that. My appetite is good and my weight is good, two things I’d never have guessed while I was in the hospital. Yay!

Josh is in his busiest season at work, where his high school students live on campus at GVSU and take summer classes, so he’s home less. It wasn’t a great time of year for me to be sick, and we’re so glad to be on the mend.

My short term goals are to be feeling well enough to have nieces and nephews over in the morning to play (it’s been so long) and get back to my regular workouts in the pool. Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Thank you again for loving on us. Cards, flowers, meals, games, messages, prayers, pj pants when I ran out of clean ones in the hospital, all of it. You’re like, really nice. Love you, mean it!