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Eagle Nest

If you follow my Instagram account (@suzannebrandsen) you probably know our recent obsession with this bald eagles’ nest in our area. Rumor has it that there are 2 babies and probably two parents, so obviously we’ve activated total NatGeo fan mode. We stopped by the nest with my parents and Mark and Jess and the kids on Mother’s Day and were treated to a full show – one of the eagles circled high over the nest and then came to land on the tree and hang out. It was so exciting to see up close!

Anyway, if you’re local and need directions to see for yourself just let me know. OR just come to the CF Great Strides walk this Saturday (remember, it’s at NOON this year) because it’s less than a mile away! Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to see the nest on the walk! The suspense is killing me! (Seriously, I’m not really keeping my cool very well with this one.)

The point is, see you Saturday? Here’s all the info on how to donate and/or join our walk team.