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Some of you may already know, but this Patten family has had a rough go of it. Early in the month the flu hit (my brother & SIL) Mark and Jess’s house – both Mark and Jess had it at the same time. Mark got sick enough that he spent a few days at the hospital at U of M, before coming home on IV antibiotics. Jess was sick with the flu on top of recovering from a hysterectomy also in early January. Their 3 kids stayed with my parents for two weeks while we all tried to prevent spreading of the flu (successfully, by the grace of God!).

It’s been long and hard.


After a few days back at home, Mark’s health was declining once again and my Dad brought him back to U of M a week ago Sunday. The flu had progressed to pneumonia and he’s got a decent case of it. The recovery is not a quick one. Even today, his fever is back. He has been slowly making progress and a step backward in that progress is a bummer. We are all so grateful for the care he is getting at U of M!

Jess, however, has been feeling better and better (flu’s gone, and her recovery from surgery a month ago is going well) and she was able to spend a couple of nights in Ann Arbor with Mark last week. She also had the kids back at home last night! With 3 busy little ones that’s great progress.


Of course I’m leaving a lot out but the point is that things are hard right now. We welcome your prayers on behalf of our family! I know some of you will want to help in other ways, and it would be much appreciated. Thank you for loving on my family during this time! I hope to have better news next time you hear from me.