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Happy New Year! Here’s a little preview of our card that was just sent out this week.


In defense of my tardiness, I was sick through the holiday card season and decided not to worry about it until after. Why do you think we send New Year cards instead of Christmas? No deadlines!

I haven’t done much posting here this past year, so now.. where do I start? I’ve decided to just do a highlight reel of videos from over the year. Obviously our moms will be the only ones to watch them ALL but you know, pick your favorite.

Our year’s highlights included a couple of fun trips, and the first one was back to Palm Springs/Joshua Tree in March. I had just finished a round of IV’s and you know, we just followed the sun. We discovered our dream neighborhood (a trailer park – seriously, watch the video) and explored the Desert X Mirror House before the hype/crowds really hit. (Desert X is a new ArtPrize-type event in the area, that should help Grand Rapids people understand)

From there we went over to Joshua Tree and stayed in the best Airbnb we’ve ever had. The location was perfect and … AND.. it had a steam shower. It changed my life and now we’re putting one in our house. As one does.

As many of you know the Patten family has had a couple of hard years health-wise, especially with my SIL Jess fighting migraines among other things. We do spend a lot of time together, which we all love, but we don’t spend many days at the lake together. I’m glad I brought the camera along for this afternoon in July.

Another highlight of our summer was traveling to NYC with 40 of Josh’s students and 5 adults. Whew! Just picture a group of 45 working their way through Times Square on a busy afternoon, or the subway, or going through the line at a fast food restaurant. Or, you know, anywhere. By the grace of God no one was lost, no one lost anything, and we all had a great time. This is a long video but you’ll basically tour NYC in its entirety if you watch it. And you’ll get to see Josh on the job, always a treat to me.

The last video I’ve got is from a few days spent up north at the end of summer. Josh’s busiest season of work is the first half of “summer break”. That’s when they do a 6 week summer school program where his high schoolers live on campus at GVSU. So, we like to take a breather when the summer program is over. We keep wondering why we don’t spend more time in this area of MI – it’s just so beautiful.

After a healthy summer and fall, I had the opportunity to take a road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway with my good friend April. We live in different places and even just that much time together was a luxury. Not to mention, could you ask for a better place to road trip? So here comes the sad part – of course I brought my GoPro… Took soooo many videos… And my camera card was EVILLY corrupted. So no video from this special trip. We’re consoling ourselves by acknowledging that people used to just survive on memories. But. UGH. Anyway, what a great trip!


After the trip I spent most of early winter fighting off a lung infection, which involved a confusing allergic reaction to meds in November and ended up on IV’s in December (see my last post for more). I’m happy to say that the IV’s seem to have been successful and I’m coming out of my “hole”, a wonderful way to start the new year. Being sick this time of year is somewhat expected, but no fun.

Not captured on video is a home project that Josh and I have been working on – putting a bathroom/laundry room in our unfinished basement! That steam shower I mentioned is THISCLOSE to being a reality. We’re also looking forward to doing laundry in our own house again. It’s pretty exciting!

So there’s a little update from our house! We so enjoyed hearing from many of you over the holidays. May 2018 bring many blessings your way!

(If you were unable to see the videos from this post, see them here)