Happy December!

I took this picture today on a beautiful walk in sunny warm weather.. at the hospital at U of M in Ann Arbor. So how about a little health update, huh?

I’ve been fighting a lung infection without success on oral antibiotics for weeks now, and on Thursday we finally reached the point where we knew I needed more help. This time, one of the IV antibiotics chosen by my doctor is one that I am allergic to, which means I have to spend a few days here at the hospital. I was successfully desensitized to it yesterday (this is my second time doing this process. The first time was almost 2 years ago. It blows my mind.), and tomorrow I get to go home for a couple of weeks of IV’s. I’m so grateful for the really great care I get here at U of M but obviously we’d rather have me home.

Thankfully, I haven’t fully “fallen apart” and I don’t feel super sick, but I do have enough symptoms to have confidence in this decision. One unseen difficulty of living with CF is knowing when to push through and when to ask for more help. It’s one of the hardest things, making those decisions.

Anyway, I am a little foggy and not feeling all that wordy, but wanted to let you know about it. Some of you have been checking in lately and not getting calls/messages/emails back (sorry!) and this is why. I hope I can be a little better about responding in the future, but thanks in advance for your prayers and well wishes! I hope to have a happier update soon.