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hospital bed


Posting a blurry picture of a hospital bed because I don’t know what two years of headaches really looks or feels like…

So here it is, after almost two years of suffering from daily migraines, this week finds my sister-in-law Jess in the hospital for treatment. She has had a long road of many tests and treatments and life changes brought about by these headaches, and this is the next step in the search for healing. The goal is to break the cycle and get 24 hours pain-free, which will also hopefully shock her system and set a new course away from pain. This morning while I was there she said her pain was at a “9” out of “10” so the meds haven’t kicked in yet. The doctor said they may not until her fourth day, two days from now.

(I should probably also say that Jess isn’t allowed to have visitors – so if you want to send something her way I can help you out with that)

I’m letting you know because this is a really good week to be praying for Mark and Jess and their family. As you can imagine, with 3 little ones this is a big undertaking and we desperately hope it will be helpful to Jess. ALSO. Mark (has cystic fibrosis) is not feeling well. It is very possible that he is looking at a course of IV antibiotics which is its own kind of circus.

It is likely that the next few weeks at their house are going to be tough. Thank you in advance for praying for and loving on our family!

BTW here’s a shot of us from the other night – photo taken by special visitors from out of town, Uncle Dale and Aunt Juanita!

Patten Fam August 2017.jpg

Two words: tent dress. Two more: bad choice. I’ll leave you on that note. Hehe!

Okay, here’s an update from 8/22/2017: Jess was sent home yesterday after a rough weekend. The bottom line is that the treatment wasn’t effective enough, which is a disappointment. Over the weekend her picc line ended up having to be pulled and she had a break from meds which did complicate things but I don’t think it would’ve changed the ultimate decision by the doctor. Her next step is an appointment with her migraine specialist this coming Monday. Mark is still on orals, still feeling sick, and I believe the kids might be back home tonight (my parents have had them) but we’ll see. Thank you for your prayers, keep them coming! This is not a one-week thing in Jess’s world, it is ongoing.