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Patten Beach Day July 2017

Happy summer you guys! I’m just popping in quick because the to-do list is a mile long today. Josh and I are leaving SUPER early in the morning with 40 of his students (and 3 other chaperones) for New York City! Pray for us. Heh.

Actually I’m really excited – they take a trip every summer and they do so much fun stuff. Last year was the first year I went along (Disney World, I wrote about it here) and the kids were so fun to be with. I’m really looking forward to it!

My big role on the trip is to make a video, so I’ve been doing a little practicing. This past weekend we spent the afternoon at the beach with my family and Josh’s brother Nate to celebrate Josh’s birthday, and I made a fun little video just for kicks. It’s got windsurfing, wave jumping, and Clara’s obsession with the camera. Check it out!

Video link here.