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Another Great Strides Walk is in the books, you guys! Thanks so much to everyone who gave $$$ and time to raising money this year. Our team raised a whopping $2,765! I’m so humbled by your generosity each year and you inspire me to give big too. So thank you! I didn’t post an update right away because I actually started IV antibiotics right after the walk. It had been 15 months (!!!) since I’d done IV’s and my lungs just needed a boost.

I’ve been done with all of the meds now for just over a week and things are looking up. Truthfully, I was hoping for more of a boost than I seem to have at present, but I think that will probably always be true. I do feel as though it brought me back to my “baseline”, whatever that is. Ha! CF can be a hard thing to figure out.

I’m slowly crawing out of the “IV hole” and getting back into more normal routines. For example, I hardly spend ANY time in the kitchen when I’m sick. I gag easily and my appetite is always at risk on meds, and Josh is so SO good to me. He does it all! It takes some adjusting on the other end of meds.

Anyway, just thought I’d pop in and let you know where things are. Thank you again for your support of the Great Strides Walk!

(In case you’re wondering, I’m not in the picture of our team at the walk because I don’t actually do the walk. I have bacteria in my lungs that I don’t want to share with other people with CF, and I def don’t want theirs! So I join our team afterwards, but this picture was taken before it started.)