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If there’s one thing we can count on me for, it is for being LATE in bringing up the Great Strides walk every spring. Every year! They start in on me in December, and I’m all, “No way! I’m not bothering anyone until a month beforehand because I like having friends.” And then suddenly it’s less than a month away and I have no idea how this happened. Every year.

Soo, thank you for being gracious with me once again as I ask you to consider joining us at our walk on May 6th at Millennium Park! (Registration at 9, walk at 10)

We are so grateful for your generosity to this cause in the past and hey, why stop now? (UGH AWKWARD) (this never gets easier) (probably why I put it off every year) … Of course if you’re unable to join us at the walk but would still like to donate, you can do that here! Truly, as someone who has reaped the rewards of the CF Foundation’s research and who is counting on more of it, I do thank you for giving to them.

OKAY we woke the blog up from winter slumber. I guess that means I’ll be back soon with other stuff to post about, including where the photo (above) was taken.

Let me know if you have any questions about the walk!