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You will never meet anyone more excited about disposing of expired meds than I am. You may as well not even try, you guys! And THIS one here has me feeling extra happy. It’s been a while (over a year) since I’ve updated you on my health, and I’m starting to think it’s never going to be a good time, I’ll never know what exactly to say, and I may as well just put SOMETHING out there. So here goes!

Living with CF in 2016 started out terribly. I got sick right before the holidays at the end of 2015 and was having a hard time breathing. I don’t have much margin for “error” and this was a big dive. I did a round of steroids and IV antibiotics over the holidays (so not recommended). It helped some but not enough, and I needed a second round of IV antibiotics in January 2016. The one my doctor most wanted to use (based on culture results) is the ONLY antibiotic I’m allergic to. This meant I had to be admitted to the hospital in Ann Arbor for a couple of days to be desensitized to the med and make sure I was stabilized. We never knew desensitization was an option, and were thankful that it brought that medication back into rotation. Soo I was in the hospital over our 10th anniversary. (Don’t worry, Palm Springs in the spring made up for it!)

Once home and back on IV’s (including the one I am technically allergic to) in January, I started having issues with my heart rate, something totally new to me. It culminated with an afternoon call from my Dr who had just received worrisome lab results and wanted to admit me to the hospital (back in Ann Arbor) to get things under control. Thankfully, by the end of that conversation, we compromised with me drinking liquid potassium on top of all day bananas and taking magnesium, etc..

All that to say, it’s been a YEAR now since that mess, and the nasty nasty potassium is leaving the building! BYE. The rest of the year was nowhere near as dramatic, by the grace of God, although I did have a couple of decent colds which required oral antibiotics. The happy news, which I am so surprised about, is that it has now been a year since I’ve done IV therapy! This is a long time for me and very exciting. Also ironic, now that I have a port. Hah.

I do need to temper that happiness by saying that I am only working on more or less than 40% of my lung capacity so things could definitely be better. There is always the possibility of improvement, but never the promise of it, you know? Josh and I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about numbers, etc; we focus on what is right in front of us and do our best. The older I get, the more grateful I am that God has gifted me (us!) with an optimistic spirit. It is hard to explain how significant this is to me. There are times or moments of fear when things get tough, but our LIFE is full and joyous (Nehemiah 8:10b!).  Swimming keeps me healthy and always helps me stretch my boundaries, and Josh makes sure I keep exercising one way or another. He is my other greatest gift from God!

We’ve been getting very un-apologetic about staying away from people with colds. It is harder than it sounds, but we believe it to be very important. So far this winter there have been three separate instances where others around me got knocked on their knees by some virus or other and I never even had a sniffle. I was telling my mom that at work the other day, and we had JUST  finished listening to this song. I couldn’t say it better myself. (The visuals on this video might be distracting, but give it five minutes and you won’t be sorry!)

So anyway, there’s my health update! It’s late January and things are looking up. I just hit a goal in the pool that I haven’t hit since my last cold in October, and we’re encouraged by that. Thanks for the love, and as always for the prayers.