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Coming out of Ramona, there was a bit of a culture shock when we hit San Diego. Josh’s conference was downtown right on the bay, and our room had a beautiful view of the water. But we still had sand in our shoes. Ha!


Fancy, huh? I loved the marbled art in the lobby.


This was our view of the fourth floor pool…


… (Which, obviously, is different from the third floor lap pool.)



Anyway we had some free time before Josh’s first conference sessions and it was our last day with a car, soooo – off to La Jolla to see the seals!

They made an appearance in the video I made too, so check it out!

Video link here.



I know it’s very mid-western slash touristy of me to say this, but I really love watching seals. Harbor seals are adorable, and the sea lions were swimming and playing in the waves like golden retrievers or something. I could have watched them all day.



These people were swimming in gunky seaweedy water WITH seals, and frankly I mean more power to them, but there is no piece of me that could imagine ANY of that. Gross.


Check out my kindred spirit; I named him “Monday Morning”. He just literally could not.


Once the sun burned the fog off we headed through town for lunch (fish tacos, duh) and then to Mission Beach (or Pacific? Where is the line??) to swim in the waves.




The water was super full of seaweed and I’ll never claim to be all that mature about that. But the waves were big and Josh rented a boogie board so we had a good time anyway. I actually got so thrown around by the waves – they’re so powerful! – that I kept having to take breathing breaks.


The next day, I took the bus to the San Diego Zoo, but if you squint doesn’t the map look like an amusement park? Disney? This place is huge! And hilly!


Most of the “exciting” animals were snoozing when I was there so that was disappointing (I’m looking at you, polar bear, koalas, lions, tigers, other big cats) but even still many were out and about and so cool. I mean when is the last time you sat and had a granola bar whilst hanging out with hippos?


This tortoise was super social, if that’s possible to say? He followed people along the wall and was making eye contact and stuff. He even posed for the picture. What a gem.


The NEXT day while Josh was at the conference, I took the bus back to Balboa Park and met my mom’s old friend/roommate and my “aunt” Helen. They lived together in San Diego back in the day and it was so nice to see her. And the botanical gardens, of course.


On our last night in San Diego, we Uber-ed out to Sunset Cliffs for a little exploring and oh man, I’m so glad we could! What a crazy beautiful place. I could definitely have done without the mile-long staircase (did you see it in the video?) but at least I didn’t have to carry a surfboard.



I get nervous about getting stuck out somewhere when the tide comes in, thanks to a bad experience in Alaska years ago, so we didn’t go all the way out to the farthest point, but we saw enough to get the drift.


After that we walked the mile or so back into town on Point Loma as the sun set. Life is just so hard sometimes, huh..



We sat outside at one of these tables at the Little Lion and stayed there until our next Uber arrived to take us home, and that was that.


One last sunset picture from the hotel room.. The sun in the sails – so beautiful!