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Ramona? Who goes to Ramona? That would be us!

Josh’s latest work trip was to San Diego (the week before Labor Day), and I like, reeeally didn’t want to miss out. We waited until the very last minute to buy my ticket, though, because I was on oral antibiotics and didn’t know which way things were going to go. It’s hard for me to ever plan travel ahead of time – especially when plane tickets are involved. Thankfully, things didn’t escalate on orals and by the time they were finished I was feeling ready to travel.

… I say “thankfully”, but this is something in life I am so grateful to God for. It’s hard to take risks sometimes, and when you do and it works out better than you had planned, it’s such a cool feeling.

ANYWAY so the trip! We had one night before Josh had to be in SD, so the second we landed we rented a car and headed to San Marcos to see my great-aunt Eileen. Her ranch is one of the more beautiful places I’ve seen and it is always a treat to see it, her cows, and of course her! I wish you could all see this place. It’s unreal.



In Michigan we get frogs and worms in our pools, but check out this unwanted visitor!


Again, wish you could see it. She’s probably got a story from a different part of the world for each of the things on those shelves!



It’s been a few years since Josh and I have been to see Aunt Eileen, and although our visit was brief it was really good to see her. Quite the lady, that one!



She’s got 9 cows, I believe. This is the only one who felt like hanging out.


After dinner Josh & I had to hit the road b/c we had to get to Ramona, where we had rented an Airbnb. It was sort of in the boonies and we wanted to get there before dark but didn’t quite make it.

Probably because I kept making him pull over for cactus pictures.


We didn’t get there in time for sunset, but hoooo man, the sunrise?! Beyond beautiful. You guys, Airbnb is just the bee’s knees. After this stay it is impossible to convince me otherwise. We never would have thought to stay in Ramona without it. Our “cottage” is hard to show in photos, but if you have a few minutes this video will give you a better glimpse – of Aunt Eileen’s ranch too..

Video link here.






Dead center. See him? #wildlife


We explored around all morning and then drove into town to see what Ramona has to offer. Apparently there are lots of antique shops and small-town businesses. So, right up our alley. Still sad I left that stained glass piece behind.



It’s been a while since I’ve had a good shop cat encounter, so thanks Olive. You made my day.




After a day of exploring it was time to rinse the dust off our shoes and head down to San Diego.

Goodbye little cottage! See you next time…


So that’s Ramona! We crammed a lot into those 24+ hours in some ways, but there was plenty of porch swinging and hummingbird watching too.