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How’s your summer going, you guys? I know some of you are probably ready to move on to back-to-school and fall and stuff but that is just never me. The summer feelings are going strong around here! I thought I’d share a few pictures of things we’ve been up to lately.

Lots of swims at the Brandsens’ pool this summer, which we are so grateful for. We like to bring Thomas and Jane to see their fish friends.


We haven’t traveled much yet this summer, except for going to Florida last month. But really, it’s the best time of year to enjoy the back porch life and I’ve definitely excelled at that. Such a homebody. Plus I caught a cold when we got home from Florida and since then I’ve been fighting off a lung infection. I’m just finishing up a couple of weeks on oral antibiotics and it looks like I might have made it out without IV’s! Very grateful, especially since it’s been six months now since I’ve needed them and it would be a reasonable thing to expect.


We had record amounts of raspberries this spring/summer, and in desperation I started having other people come pick for themselves. Our freezer can only handle so many! Ha. We’ll see what the fall crop brings, but if you’re a local raspberry lover, let me know. I may need you.


Book recommendation! I cried my way through Hope Heals earlier this summer and then bought it so I could highlight it/lend it out. You know how every now and then a book will just hit you right? This was that for me. You should read it and see for yourself!


At the end of July we took our Etsy shop to a market for the first time since summer 2014, and it was so fun! Our pal Joyce has a vintage shop about 45 minutes away in Grand Haven, and she started a market this year with 30 vendor friends. It could have gone either way but I guess it was a smashing success for her, and a definite good day for us too. Yay!


Lake Michigan in the summer. We haven’t been enough! Hopefully we’ll get a few more shots at it. Josh and Nate bring the windsurfer and/or boogie boards but I like to just swim in the waves. My legs are still sore from swimming in this past weekend’s crazy undertow.


Peach season. One of the best parts of summer.


We swam one morning with all of our nieces and nephews, minus baby Clara. So Thomas and Jane (Patten) got to play with Callum and Everly (Brandsen)! Definitely a summer goal met for this auntie.


I made a video of that morning (of course) because I know even a year from now it’s going to be the SWEETEST memory.

If you can’t see the video, here’s the link.

Back to the peaches, they’re best when enjoyed picnic-style on the front porch. You know.


So! There’s a little look at our summer.. We just took a gamble (kinda toeing the line with my health) and bought plane tickets for San Diego, so that’s coming up soon-ish. Josh has a conference and you know I love to join in on work trips. Last year this conference was in Atlanta and I’m just realizing I never posted about our time there.. Gah! Somehow I’m always playing catch up on this blog.. Just imagine if I tried scrap-booking.