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Fruitwood House

Josh and I don’t usually go crazy with birthday gifts for each other, but this year (earlier this month) in addition to the standard socks/underwear basics I went all out and bought him… A… HOUSE!

Yup. We bought our house. I mean, we bought it almost 9 years ago, but NOW it’s paid off. Woo hooo! The first thing I did once it was official was vacuum off the front porch – I NEVER do that. Looks like I’ve finally found some pride of ownership. Heh!

I’ve had a few people ask how we got to this point, so for fun I’ve written down a few things that helped us along the way:

Fruitwood House 2

First, we took out a loan based solely on Josh’s income. We chose a house that wasn’t at the high end of what we could spend. Some of you could probably pay off our mortgage way faster than we did, but it was a good amount for us.

We live in a small house for our area in West Michigan. That comes with some inconveniences, like being limited on space for things like clothes and general stuff. While it can feel inconvenient it teaches us to simplify life (and helps keep us from over-buying). It is a constant tension but I think overall it is a good thing. It seems like our culture is constantly telling us that along with needing more things, we also need more space. We for SURE can’t share a bathroom sink (LOL). We’ve learned that it’s okay to think differently from that. Feels weird at first but it gets easier! I still want a second bathroom though. I’m not a martyr.

Fruitwood House 3

We have a history of driving cars that are suuuper old. Like, we bought my grandpa’s ’91 Buick from his estate when he passed away and we (okaayyy mostly Josh) drove it for several years. It was technically old enough to sell in our Etsy shop! I mean I think it’s pretty obvious, how much money you can save by driving inexpensive cars. We’ll never have a car payment, nor will we ever have a brand new car, and we’re good with that.

We are in our 30’s and we don’t have kids which is different from many of our peers, so of course we don’t have those expenses.

We aren’t big spenders. This is largely Josh’s influence on me, as I could easily be encouraged to spend more, in just about any category. He actually tells me to buy whatever it is I’m wanting (sorry girls, back off, he’s MINE) so his influence isn’t in what he asks of me, but more of leading by example. Howevs. If I were a big spender I’m pretty sure he’d stop saying, “Sure! Go for it!” so there is teamwork in here somewhere…

Every now and then when I’m leaving my hair salon (yesterday) I wonder how much money I’ve saved over the years by not coloring my hair. Juuuuust sayin’. My biggest reason for not doing it is sheer laziness – I cannot imagine having to keep up with roots growing out. (Props to all you salon-punctual peeps.) Probably the second reason is because I think it’s good for women to know they don’t need to do it, and the third is YES it saves money!

Fruitwood House 4

We refinanced our house approximately 500 times over the years to get down to the lowest rates/time tables possible. When we refinanced we would make sure that we kept the original time table (or lessened it) and we ended up on a 10 year mortgage.

We have side jobs – including our Etsy shop which is responsible for a large chunk of the last payment we made (although it made my “magic money” PayPal account disappear – GASP!). Since my regular job is part-time and Josh works in education, we’ll never be rolling in “large” paychecks.. Side jobs in our household really help contribute.

We had good financial advice when we bought the house. Josh had a small amount of college student loans even though he had the money in the bank from working through school. Because the interest rates for student loans were so low it made sense to use those and have his money available for a down-payment on the house. Kinda topsy-turvy but it worked in this situation. THEN because he teaches in a qualifying job, the government forgave his leftover debt after he worked in his job for 5 years. We were so grateful for that!

Fruitwood House 5

So there you have it! Writing this post actually felt a little funny, kinda braggish or weird and I don’t want it to. Many times the news you get from our household is asking for prayers for one reason or another (usually when I’m sick) and it does bring me joy to share this happiness with you.ย We are grateful to God that while our lives have their fair share of hardships, at this point finances aren’t on that list. I hope if finances are something you are struggling with that this can be an encouragement to keep going, and if you’re not struggling then we could like high-five or something?