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boug selfie

Selfies are so cheesy. Supes cheesy. Even if you’ve got a massive bougainvillea in the background, all cheese. Want to know what else is supes cheesy? I’m signed up to do the CF walk next week as a team leader, and as of right now I’m the ONLY walker on my team! I know, LOL-zies, right?!

I can’t undo the selfie, but we CAN perhaps prevent the ultimate “farmer in the dell” cheese fest of sending me to the CF walk alone!

This post is getting so out of control “cheesy” that I’m tempted to scratch it and start over, but really I’m just sending a friendly reminder to anyone local who was thinking about coming along a week from today, Saturday May 7th. We’d love to have you!

Here’s a link to sign up or donate, if you feel so led. I don’t like asking for donations like this every year, but the truth is that the research done with these funds has given Mark and I medications that help us. We want them to keep going! CF is a nasty, mean disease and we’re grateful for anything that gives us hope about treating/curing it.

Thanks again to all of those who have donated and participated in the past, and this year! We so appreciate it.


The Lone Cheese