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Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Can I combine three big posts into one little one today? Thanks.

  1. Josh & I just got home (well a week ago now) from California – my biggest goal right now is to break my “wait a year to post about it” habit and show you some pictures pretty soon. Me and my big goals, huh? Our trip was partially to celebrate our 10th anniversary (which was in January but I was actually in the hospital in Ann Arbor and we weren’t really feeling celebrate-y right then). It was a long winter! We reeeallly loved this trip.
  2. My sister-in-law Jess is due to have Baby #3 very soon! Like this week kind of soon! We’ve been hanging out with Thomas and Jane more because she’s been on bed rest and having a hard time with debilitating headaches. She is going to be VERY happy to be on the other side of this pregnancy.
  3. I just checked the calendar and was shocked to see that the CF Foundation’s Great Strides walk for Grand Rapids is coming up on May 7 this year. We would LOVE for you to join our walk team and as always we are grateful for any donations toward CF research! Here’s a link for more info —> aaaand I’m sorry in advance for the terrible quality of our team pic from last year. What is this, 1985? Seriously, though, May 7. See you there?!

OKAY SO that’s all for now. There’s definitely more to say on all of this, but all in good time!