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I can’t believe I went the whole last post without raving about the Airbnb cabin we stayed in while visiting Sedona. This place! My word. I hope to go back someday.

Camp Verde Airbnb_2650

Judging a book by its cover totally worked again. It was completely irresistible!

Camp Verde Airbnb_2633

Our cabin was on the same property as the owner’s farmhouse and they had chickens. So, eggs for breakfast every day, cooked on this adorable mini stove in a mini kitchen.

Camp Verde Airbnb_2636

..With this view to stare out at!


Our host made the mistake of telling us that javelinas live in the area and they often come up on the deck at night to eat her flowers. So, obvs, I got obsessed with seeing my very first javelina and COULD NOT SLEEP. One night we (embarrassingly) got up with a flashlight and went javelina hunting.

Never saw one, guess we’ll have to go back.

Ugh. I just googled “javelina” to make sure I spelled it right and the disappointment of missing out on a sighting in the wild came rushing back.


Our last stop on the way out of town was Montezuma’s Castle (not very thrilling, if I’m honest). We went back to Phoenix for one night before our flight home.


Since we only had the one night in Phoenix we spent most of our time checking out the mid-century/vintage shopping scene. I’d like this building, please. And make sure the orange trees (!!!) come with.



Worth noting – that beverage in my hand was a lavender latte. Life was so good that day.





Our last dinner in Arizona was spent in the open air as the sun set. Should I repeat that in all caps? Because that’s how I felt about it.


We did have a brief visit to the hotel pool. We (I) spent it preparing our strategy for successfully making it through security at the airport.. Kinda took the “just relax” vibe away but at least the photo looks inviting?


Ain’t that the truth. Missing you, Arizona!

Welp. Thanks for sticking around through all these photos and stories from last year, guys. I know it seems silly but selfishly I like being able to look back at these posts. Hopefully you found something interesting too!

Onward and upward!