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Josh and I were excited to go to Sedona and get our share of red rock living, but on the way out of town from Tucson we had a couple stops to make. One for me, one for him. For me: plant shopping. For him: exploring a canyon. No surprises here.


We stopped at a couple different desert landscaping spots and I was completely in my element. It was like going to the zoo but for people who like plants.


The biggest difference being, you can buy these guys and at super affordable prices compared to what they cost in stores at home in Michigan.


Naturally I needed one of each.




After permission was granted by Josh and the lady behind the counter who said people bring cacti on the plane “all the time”, I assembled an armful to bring home. It felt like the stupidest thing in the world and the best thing in the world all at once.



When you look at this box, remember that we already had suitcases full of rocks – and my aerosol machine which is often mistaken for a bomb or at least something suspicious. Now we were adding a box of live pokey plants, launching ourselves to “Most Interesting Slash Suspicious People at Airport Security” status.


Next souvenir purchase? Prickly pear candy because WHEN IN ROME. I embrace it. It’s the easiest way to go. I also recommend getting signature drinks anytime that’s an option, btw. Part of the experience, people.


Anyway, we took the tram up Sabino Canyon and it was a really beautiful ride. It was us and a bunch of retirees with sunhats, cameras, and water bottles, which I think is the definition of Arizona in February? (#GOALS)



This completely unlivable hot and dry environment somehow grows these bizarre plants that live longer than humans, it really is mind boggling.

Saguaro National Park_2433

And so beautiful!


Hooookay. So anyway, that was Sabino canyon and cactus shopping. We got to our Airbnb near Sedona after dark that night and headed out hiking the next day.






We forgot our carefully packed lunch at the cabin so by the time we came back to the car after hiking we were severely hangry. We owe our lives to this little cafe that served insanely delicious (and expensive) sandwiches. Can we talk for a minute about the genius of the blankets on each chair? It’s the type of place that is hot in the sun and freezing in the shade and whoever came up with that pretty, smart solution deserves a raise. That’s all.


I thought that would be such a fun thing, picking up that stupid prickly pear pad. And it was. SUPER fun having invisibly tiny needles in my fingers for DAYS. Can’t wait for the chance to do that again.


Here I am showing a stranger which button to press on my camera to take a photo of us and she beat me to the punch. I don’t know, is this funny to you guys? I get a huge kick out of it. So much so that I’m starting to seek out these awkward opportunities. Yikes.


But, not half bad, right?!


Gosh. What a beautiful place.