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Facts about this post:

  1. Contents are very outdated (picture a year and a month here)
  2. Because of that you may not be interested in said contents.
  3. Really it’s just my digital photo album with some descriptions, soo..
  4. If you can live with #1-3, there may be something here for you.

We went to the Tucson gem show in Feb 2015 with my parents, and Josh & I went a couple days early (messy snowy weather at home led to my parents being delayed TWO DAYS) to explore the area. Any chance we get to hang out in the desert, especially in February, we’ll take it!

We especially loved the Saguaro National Park. It’s bananas.

Saguaro National Park_2436

Saguaro National Park_2462

“Right this way, sir..”


Saguaro National Park_2485


Saguaro National Park_2491

If you KNEW how many cactus photos are stored on my computer you’d be really impressed with my restraint here. Even still I can guarantee some of you will be over-cactus-ed by the time we’re done talking about this trip.

Saguaro National Park_2481

Saguaro National Park_2496

Saguaro National Park_2499

This really is the sunset! Still dying over this one.


Once my parents arrived we did some exploring around Tucson but we were staying out in the country at an Airbnb. It was weird and great and kinda in the middle of nowhere.


Saguaro National Park_2421

I mean how perfectly “southwestern” is this place?

Saguaro National Park_2419

Tucson Gem Show_2513

I am somewhat embarrassed to say that this front window sold me on the listing when I was browsing Airbnb. It was basically judging a book by the cover (which I do all the time) (you know you do too).

Tucson Gem Show_2507

Hi Dad & Mom!

The four of us walked our legs off at the gem show for a couple of days.. It takes over the city in outdoor tents, hotel lobbies, and convention centers. There’s probably no way to see everything..

Some venues require credentials to get into because they are intended for wholesale buying within the trade, and in those spots we saw some world class gems. I still have stars in my eyes.


Tucson Gem Show_2500

Josh and I have a huge 60+ pound slab of petrified wood at home and we were excited to meet this vendor and learn a little bit about how he sources, cuts, and sells it. Spoiler alert: we all came home with suitcases full of rocks.


Not this rock though.


Not these “rocks” either.

Pictures were frowned upon by a lot of the gem vendors but I mean you have to sneak one here and there.


I got set on buying a chunk of a pretty rock to bring home for the mantle or whatever, and for a while my #1 choice was this aquamarine that Josh is holding. It was such a pretty iceberg color. It ended up getting dethroned but I still like it.


We were so focused on the shows that we never got a picture together until the morning we parted ways – Mom and Dad for home, and Josh & I for Sedona.

Thank you, stranger in a hotel parking lot, for this awkward shot.

So there it is, Tucson!

From there Josh & I did some desert exploring (more cactus photos coming your way!) and then landed in Sedona.