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Hey guys, happy 2016! We made it to the other side of the holidays!

That, by the way, was NOT easy around here this year. But we made it. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that my amaryllis is about to bloom. Whoop!

I guess there’s a lot that went unsaid around here this year, not on purpose, but it happened. Soo I thought I’d catch you up on a few things 2015 for Josh & I.

Favorite things include: Tucson/Sedona in February (I still have some great pics to share with you from that trip, but you know I like to wait at LEAST a year before sharing travel pics), a random but fun feature of our home on Design Sponge in March, a girl’s weekend in FL with my friend April, a fun summer around West MI with a couple fun weekends away in the Traverse City area, Josh becoming the director of the Upward Bound program that he’s worked in for 11 years now, exploring Atlanta/Savannah/Tybee Island in September, and finding out that we have a niece on the way this coming May (Mark and Jess’s third) as well as my friend Molly’s baby girl coming the SAME WEEK.

Not favorite things include: Probably a few things, but why dwell, but mostly I got sick in early December and was suddenly on IV therapy through the holidays. It’s happened before, but this time the meds hit pretty hard and it was a whole lot of not fun. After an extended fall season of being nice and healthy, BOOM. It hit. I did a really bad job of letting friends/family know what was going on because it caught me a little sideways and frankly I was just trying not to barf most of the time. Mark was sick right along with me and we were both doing IV’s – he’s freshly off and we’re looking forward to things improving around our houses! I would still very much appreciate your prayers, as post-treatment my lungs feel too small for comfort and I’m really hoping that they’ll improve as I get back into the pool, etc.

Other weird things: Josh bought himself a 35-year-old saguaro cactus after our AZ trip (shoulda seen that coming), I memorized almost all of Romans 8 with our church but never got to the last few verses (and they’re my favorite ones, so I guess it’s time to finish that off!), we bought a new fridge on Black Friday after living in our house for 8 years (it was going to happen “right away” but we just never did it and you really should’ve SEEN the old one), we had a new roof done this summer after years of literal leaks into the living room and bad patch jobs, OH and our 10th anniversary is coming up in 9 days! We should probably start talking about that…


2015, you weren’t perfect, but you were a good year! We’re thankful for the good, and to the bad? SMELL YA LATER.

Thanks for stopping by! BTW I’m a lot more regular on Instagram if you’re interested – @suzannebrandsen AND @selectedandcollected.