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Oh geez, I’ve been neglecting the blog again. UGH. Sorry, guys.

I wanted to let you know, though, in case you haven’t heard – Josh has a big job interview tomorrow. He has been working at Grand Valley State University for the Upward Bound program for 11 years now and tomorrow will be interviewing to be the director of the program. (He gets a lot of questions about what he “does”. Right now he spends about half his time teaching/tutoring in two different high schools of Grand Rapids Public Schools, and the other half doing administrative work for this program. To qualify for the program, the high school kids must either be from a low income home or be (future) first generation college students.. Most are both. The point of the program is to support these students and prepare them for college.)

He has been burning the midnight oil for days preparing for this interview, and tomorrow’s the day! So we would greatly appreciate your prayers. Given everything he has done for the program and the university, and the schools, and the students, he should be a shoo-in for the role. (There is a whooooooole lot I could say here, obviously!) He is even the interim director now. BUT unfortunately it isn’t that “easy” and university politics and agendas have a very real chance of taking over. So if you would, just pray for the best for the program and for Josh’s life.

Thanks guys! Interview’s at 1:00 tomorrow (Monday), we’ll keep you posted – hopefully with good news!