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A couple weeks ago I had the chance to spend a few days in Florida with my good friend April. She lives in Nashville TN and I live in Michigan and our times together are far too rare and fleeting for our liking. So we scheduled a few days at her parent’s place in Naples and met up in Florida!


We both almost cancelled at the last minute, for different reasons, and I’m so thankful we didn’t. Some things are worth fighting for, right?!


It turns out that I had just started oral antibiotics before the trip so I actually had to stay out of the sun (HA). We focused on other things like shopping and eating and it all worked out.


Naples has a ton of resale shops for things like furniture and home decor and we went through a bunch of them. There weren’t a lot of things that I would look for personally, but that made the hunt that much more rewarding when we saw something good. Like this mid-century chair (below)! Josh & I love to shop this stuff wherever we are because it keeps us educated about pricing in different regions, and b/c we think it’s fun. So we took this pic for Josh.




We swam at sunset (no sunburn!) and air-dried in the warm breeze – total bliss!



We also did a bunch of shopping – I bought jersey pants (when in Rome – they were EVERYWHERE) and child-size sunglasses for my child-sized face. But can I get a fedora to fit my giant head? NOPE. Figure that one out. Ha!




Aaaand I also bought this set of side tables, which I crammed into my carry-on suitcase for the flight home. Of course I did. In my defense, April told me to. Peer pressure is still a thing in your 30’s. I know that now. But Josh loved his souvenirs so I feel less ridiculous.

Thank you April for such a fun trip! We laughed, we cried, we laughed til we cried… And we probably convinced our Uber driver (on the way to the airport) that we weren’t mentally fit to travel and were more suited to a padded room somewhere. That has been true of us if I’m honest, just not this time.

My apologies to those of you who follow me on Instagram (@suzannebrandsen) since you’ve already seen a bunch of these pictures! Thanks for hanging in there…