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  • They can live 150-200 years
  • They can grow to 40-60 feet tall
  • A 10 year old Saguaro can be only 1.5 inches tall
  • They don’t grow arms until they are between 60-70 years old
  • They are exclusively found in the Sonoran Desert
  • And our house.

Saguaro CactusSo, last month we took a trip to Arizona. We did some touring around in the desert and frolicked among the Saguaros. Little did I know that Josh (bless his researching heart) had become really fascinated by these guys. He found one on Craigslist that was an hour away, and well, it’s now sitting in our dining room. This is Mexico (named after his homeland), and he is 35 years old.

If this isn’t crazy enough for you yet, Mexico needs to be re-potted. Just think about that for a few.

What’s the weirdest things you’ve found on Craigslist? I think I need a support group…