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Vintage Shop - Phoenix

Did I tell you I had a port placed this fall? If you’ve been reading this blog or heard me talk about it in the past, getting a port – for vein access while I’m doing IV antibiotics to treat lung infections – has been an emotional hangup for years. My veins aren’t great (which is a separate issue from cystic fibrosis) and getting PICC lines in was becoming increasingly difficult. I didn’t want the port for a few obvious reasons.

But I was sick in the fall, and again over the holidays, and I have to say that I’m so grateful for my port. I was placed on meds much sooner with it, I didn’t have to go through the PICC line experience (which was becoming stressful and emotional, not to mention unsuccessful!), and it’s super easy to live with. I’ve had the port for about five months now and it gets two thumbs up so far.

Which brings me to closet purging.

I unloaded a bunch of stuff from my closet that I prob won’t wear again due to the port. It’s somewhat visible (it’s under my skin but you can see the bump on my chest) and instead of wishing I could feel good about wearing certain things, I purged. Best decision, and it was accompanied by self-permissiveness to buy anything that I feel works well with the port! Gosh, I love the way this is going.

My cleaning-out momentum didn’t end with the closet. The clean-out bug bit me big time and I’m happy to say that I have purged all socks with holes, all back-of-the-closet scarves, and the 200 extra things of dental floss that we’ve managed to accumulate. Mismatched tupperware lids and containers = gone. Old boots that need repairs on the sole that I never got around to? Gone. Jewelry that I haven’t worn in years? Gone. Old gallons of paint on the basement shelf? Gone. Purging is so fun, guys.

So things are getting in order, I have a port, life is good, and I am thankful. That’s all for today.

BTW the picture up top is from a shop we visited in Phoenix a couple weeks ago, not my closet. I may have purged, but my closet will never make it to color-coded status. I’m not that organized.