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A few last pictures from our time in Oregon today!

Not pictured in this last section of our trip: the whale that I spotted from the road, made Josh pull over for as we raced to the whale observation deck only to find he was the only one all afternoon (it was a moment for me- ha!), getting stuck on the phone in Astoria because of an issue with an Etsy order, and our relatives who graciously hosted us for the last night before coming home – thank you Richard & Marilee.

Just 15 minutes south of Waldport (where we stayed) is Cape Perpetua, home of the best tide pools we’ve ever seen.

We got up before the sun and got ourselves down to the water and climbed around the mussel-y rocks. It was low tide so we could go pretty much wherever we wanted. It was dreamy and almost other-worldly even. A definite favorite moment!

Cape Perpetua Tide Pools

Cape Perpetua Tide Pools

Mostly we saw urchins, anemones, and starfish here

Cape Perpetua Tide Pools

Cape Perpetua Tide Pools

That whole blob of rocks into the water is Cape Perpetua. The tide was coming back in by the time we took this but you get the idea. Such a beautiful place.

Cape Perpetua

Here we are later at Cannon Beach with our friend Haystack Rock. Lots more people here than at Cape Perpetua but it’s so cool to walk around tide pools. They’re the one thing our beautiful Lake Michigan beaches can’t give us!

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach

This is a picture of Josh. Not a seagull. Just Josh.

Cannon Beach

Beach bikers

Cannon Beach


Last shot is from Ecola State Park where we did our final tide pool-ing, and for some reason this spot had waaay more crabs (big ones!) than any others we saw. Also more surfers.

Ecola State Park

And that, friends, is every single picture I took in Oregon this past summer. HAH. No. No it definitely is not. But I’m done posting them now, so there’s that. Anyone inspired to explore Oregon? Or did you notice we missed out on something? (Gosh I hope not)