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(I realize that it’s super lame to post pictures from a vacation you took almost six months ago, but I’ve been super lame before and here I am being super lame again.)

Having said that, in case you missed my last post, we spent some time in Oregon this past summer. Today’s pictures are from our drive from Portland to Bend, which is a high desert area, and then from Bend out to the coast. Not pictured: visits with cousins (Hi Scott and Anita!), staying with my Uncle Dan and Aunt Nancy in Bend, some of the most beautiful country-side we’ve seen, Josh’s dad’s backpack that ended up in our car instead of his (and was then photographed by us around the rest of Oregon), and a seafood shack on the beach (Rockaway Beach) that served up some seriously good food.

On the drive from Portland to Bend, out the car window

Driving through Oregon

When you stop on the trail and ask a group of high school kids to take your picture…

Smith Rock State Park

Smith Rock State Park, where we hiked with U. Dan & A. Nancy – gorgeous! And hot! This family of river otters followed us down that river on the left for most of our walk back. Made our day. Nope, made our trip. They were so fun to watch. And so huge! There is nothing like catching wildlife in its element.

Smith Rock State Park

Driving through the Cascades on the way to the coast, & we just happened upon the most “Oregon” little scene anyone could ever happen upon. I mean.


Seal Rock – our first tide pool sighting

Seal Rock

Lots cooler on the coast. Our thoughts were full of the tide and our Airbnb and finding seals and what types of cheese were available at the local grocer.

Seal Rock

Not sure why I was *so* surprised to find seals on a rock at Seal Rock, but boy was I ever. Check out the guy on the left giving us the “seriously, with the camera?” look.

Seal Rock Seals

Seal Rock again, and a very very cold Josh

Seal Rock

World’s best Airbnb, hands down. Can we please go back, like, tomorrow? (in Waldport, btw)

Airbnb Waldport Oregon

Driving up the coast, this is Newport, and that mural is pretty, and there were lots of people there, and it’s very touristy, and for all of those reasons I’d like to go back.

Newport, Oregon

The biggest question about Newport is this: who barks louder and sounds more obnoxious – the sea lions? Or the crowd of spectators? Jury’s out.

Sea Lions at Newport Oregon

Before we drove north up the coast from Waldport, we took a quick 15 minute drive south to Yachats…

Yachats Oregon

The real reason we did this, and at 7 a.m. on vacation, is to get to Cape Perpetua (famous tide pools, still gagging from extreme love for them) at sunrise. Best. Decision. Ever.

Okay. Just one more 6-month-too-late vacation post because of the tide pools, and then we can move on to real life again. Thanks for hanging in there folks! I mean, you know, if you’re still there.