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This past summer Josh and I (and Josh’s parents, for part of it!) took a trip out to Oregon. Since there aren’t any pictures from the trip here yet I thought it would be fun to do a quick Top 10 post. Just 10 little snapshots of our time in OR…

I didn’t even come close. Somewhere around 40, I realized there will need to be a few “quick little posts” to do this job. So today, here are some moments from the first part of the trip. It included us, Josh’s parents, Hood River, Portland, the MLS All-Star Game, and Mt. Hood.

The view from hiking on Mt Hood

Mt Hood Orgeon

Hiking in Eagle Creek (near Portland) (is this place even real?!)

Hiking Eagle Creek

More Eagle Creek (highly recommended!)

Hiking Eagle Creek_1014

Josh & I with Mt. Hood creepin’ in the background

Hood River

We stayed on an organic farm in Hood River (we loved Hood River), courtesy of Airbnb. It was a little more rustic than we had anticipated but the scenery was great!

Wine Tasting

We got to forage for our own meals

Hood River Farm

Josh’s parents’ cabin. They would probably say it looked cuter than it actually was. But. It definitely looked cute!

Hood River Airbnb

Lots of lavender in these parts. We also visited a lavender farm while in Hood River and I felt like I bought the place clean. Now I wish I would’ve bought more!

Hood River Lavender

Sunrise on the farm

Hood River Pear Farm

Josh and his mom getting ready to hunt down some pears for breakfast

Hood River Pear Farm

Dad & Mom B. I love this picture!

Wine Tasting

Portland food carts are every bit as good as people claim! Our hotel there was just one block from this particular cart which made us the opposite of sad, several times.

Portland Food Carts

Getting ready for the MLS game. This was the crowd when the other team arrived. European soccer players are a big deal! Bayern Munich came and played the MLS team for this year’s game, and it was the best game we’ve been to. So grateful for the chance to see it!

MLS All Star Game 2014

The four of us before the game started. Portland’s stadium is right in town, so lots of the crowd can actually walk (or ride bikes – Portland, duh!) to the game (us included).

MLS All Star Game 2014

Another Mt Hood shot, because us Michiganders just don’t drive to hit the slopes in cars like that. Made me smile! And yes, there were skiiers in August.

Mt Hood

Josh and I on a trail on Mt Hood

Mt Hood

WE DID IT! Top 10! ish!

Those days in Hood River/Portland with Josh’s parents were completely full of adventure and it was fun to do that together! From there, Josh and I went out for a few days in Bend and then a few more driving up the coast. More to come!