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This week we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary! Although it feels fast, it does seem like we’re just a couple of kids in this picture from our Honeymoon. We celebrated this year by booking a trip out West.. If we’ve learned anything in these past nine years, it’s to go West whenever possible. Right!?

Also, I’m done with IV’s, not feeling quite up to where I want to be, but my lungs definitely feel better. Can we please be done with antibiotics for a while?

One cute story for the road?

This morning Jane was here hanging out with me for a while. She was sitting at the table eating a clementine, and I was dancing (like a fool) (because she’s too young to really remember specifics, right?) to the music we were listening to.

Jane: Aunt Zanne, you’re funny. .. You’re REALLY funny. You’re ALWAYS funny.

Me: Wow. Thanks. Are you funny too?

Jane: I’m orange.