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The Vintage Market has come and gone. Care to step into our booth? I managed to grab a few shots while we were still setting up. Not quite the full effect, but I think you’ll get the drift.

Vintage Market_0832It was a great experience! Our first booth ever. And wooooo was it a lot of work. We had great help, which we’re really thankful for, but the fact remains: we actually brought too much stuff. Too much furniture, really. Talk about lesson learned! We filled up a trailer, a truck, AND our station wagon. Filled, like FILLED. And we only sold ONE piece of furniture. HA!

Vintage Market_0833Even though we didn’t sell much of our big stuff, we did sell a lot of stuff. More than we were expecting, and definitely enough to make the event worthwhile. Yay! And, a few of the things we sold were things we really didn’t want to have to ship – like a framed piece of original art (Gwen Frostic, anyone?) with cracked glass, and a hanging light fixture with a giant glass globe.

We were able to borrow a pavilion, which was awesome for shade and for hanging macrame planters, dream catchers, etc. Win win! My parents brought a case of vintage jewelry from the shop (jewelry shop, stick with me here) and some loose gemstones to sell, but I was most excited when the macrame pieces sold. I mean, did you see that hanging table in the first photo??

Vintage Market_0835Overall it was a good experience. We sold some stuff, learned some lessons, made some money, and met some other sellers. Hopefully next time is even better! We’ll be back in September.

Vintage Market_0831These last couple of weeks haven’t been all about the Market for us, though. The day after, Grandpa Brandsen passed away (which we knew could happen anytime, but was still a surprise, know how that goes?) and his memorial service was last week. Josh was away for work some of last week, and it’s just been a lot, at times. We are so thankful to know that even though we’ll miss him, Grandpa is in Heaven where he has wanted to be for so long!

Also, my brother Mark is still on IV’s, and still sick. So. Prayers are definitely appreciated for both the Pattens and Brandsens!

P.S. One happy note: this morning in the pool I did a little test to sort-of gauge my lung health, and I passed it! I haven’t even dared to try it since around my birthday in November, and there’s no way I could have done it before these past few weeks. This spring I was pretty sure I’d never be able to “pass” it again. So thankful for this! Thank you, guys, for praying for me and my family. ♥