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Here it is July already, and truth is my camera has been experiencing some pretty severe loneliness so far this summer. My phone camera, however, has not. So I guess this post is dedicated to those of you who haven’t already seen these posts on Instagram. <— (check it out if you’d like to see captions for these shots!)

June/July 2014 Instagrams

The good news: I’m off of all extra medication! I finished IV’s and orals, and have been feeling better than I did all spring (still room for improvement, as always!). To say I’m thankful for this doesn’t do it justice, but man. I. Am. Thankful. We’ve been catching up on all that stuff that didn’t get done this spring (btw, spreading fresh mulch in mid summer is almost laughably dumb) (but at least it’s done) and now Josh is working lots of extra hours during his student’s summer program. We’ve found a couple of days to sit pool side (I’m still electrically white/pale, and my 16-year-old self would be gagging with embarrassment) but *haven’t* made it out to the Big Lake yet. It’s on the short list.

The bad news: My brother Mark is now on IV’s, just started yesterday so could you pray for him? And by “him”, I really mean Mark, Jess, and the kids, because when he’s sick, it affects everyone. You know. Blugh.

June/July  2014 Instagrams

We’re making plans for travelling later this month, there’s a baby shower for Molly in the works, and this coming Sunday we’ve got our first ever booth at the Downtown Market‘s Vintage Market!

Etsy Instagrams Summer 2014

Our Etsy shop has sold 6 orders in the last 8 days, which is crazy since we haven’t listed anything new on it in months. Like, before I got sick. Yep. We’re literally gonna run out of stuff. And by that I mean we’re gonna run out of listed stuff, because whoo-ee do we ever have a lot of inventory. Who knows if the kind of stuff we sell is what people in GR will buy, but I guess there is only one way to find out! And if not, we’ll pop it up on Etsy like always.

Want to come check it out for yourself? Check here for info. Hope to see you there! I’ll be back soon with stories.