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Vintage Leather Sofa

So I know things have been silent-er lately on the blog. Sometimes that happens when I’m not feeling well, sometimes it happens when we’re busy, and sometimes it happens when we just cannot keep up with our Etsy shop. Lately it’s been mostly the third option, with a bit of the others thrown in here and there for good measure.

The Etsy shop, I’ve learned, can and will take up all the time I can ever give it. That’s not a problem mostly, because I do have time to give. We’ve learned a few things since we’ve started, and the shop is more of a Thing now than it ever has been. So as long as we’re enjoying it (we are) and making cash (we are), we’re good.

We’ve changed our buying habits and are now only targeting things we can sell and profit at least $20. We started that last year actually but didn’t catch ourselves before we had shelves of smaller items. I’m slowly weaning them into the shop and off our shelves, but I’m glad we stopped that when we did. We’ve got bigger fish to fry!

We’ve transitioned into furniture and lighting, which can get CRAY because we lack good storage space. For example, that sofa above? In our living room. Sold. That doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Right now I’m sitting on our back porch, and I’m looking at seven items that either are now or soon will be for sale. It’s our reality. One that I wouldn’t put up with if we weren’t enjoying it (overall) and earning an income from it.

A couple things that I love about having an Etsy shop (and selling elsewhere) is that it’s on our own time (we shop/process/list things when it works in our schedule) and that somehow we’ve stumbled into a vein that people CANNOT get enough of. It can be pretty bizarre, but that keeps it fun. We’re definitely the weirdos that you know, but hey. At least we’re not denying it anymore.

So if you’re ever wondering why the silence is echoing around on the blog, hop on over to our Etsy shop and do some shopping. I’m sure one of you out there will just go gonzo for this guy.