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Hotel Room Flowers

So Josh & I are in DC for a few days.. Him for work and me for play, per the usual. Today it is actually snowing and pretty dang windy (or so I hear, since I haven’t ventured outside yet). I spent my morning in the pool, steamroom & sauna.. so don’t cry for me Argentina. I’ll probably bundle up & visit a Smithsonian museum later, but yesterday is so far a whole lot more photogenic.

Have you ever been to the Smithsonian Zoo? I went yesterday, and aside from the extreme amounts of walking it included, I can’t recommend it more.  It is huge – there is nooo way to absorb all of the information AND see all the animals in one day. But the exhibits were so beautiful.

Plus, a baby panda!!

Panda Bears

Baby Panda & Monkey

National Zoo

National Zoo

National Zoo_0228

National Zoo

National Zoo

And one more, just because.

National Zoo Pandas