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Flowers in the windowIs it spring yet?

With our especially snowy and never-ending winter, I’ve spent the last few months just kind of hunkering down and waiting things out. Not a lot of blog action going on! Trust me, you haven’t missed much. I mean, there have been a few things. But mostly just hunkering.

So last time I posted, I was doing IV therapy & actually loving the progress I was making. Ironically, a few hours after I wrote that post, my PICC line went bad and IV’s were over. Sounds mostly good (to be done), but I do wish I could’ve finished out my treatment. Since then things have been okay, but I’d like to work up to having a little more breathing room. Thank you for your prayers & love this winter! Even though I didn’t do a great job with updates, I very much appreciate your love & support.

Aren’t you guys just so ready for spring? A breath of fresh air and a change of pace sound like the bees knees. So thankful for new seasons. Until then, grocery store flowers. You know.