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Since I can’t seem to pull a coherent post together these days, how about a few snapshots to tide us over?


Nutcracker Jane

Jane was over the other day and we were listening to The Nutcracker in a not-so-subtle attempt for me to brainwash her with Nutcracker Love (and obsession). It hit a particularly peppy number (Russian dancers?) and she made this face. That I had a camera around, and that this expression was caused by sheer Nutcracker delight, is still KILLING ME.


Callum - ThanksgivingCallum was doing his Camburger best after Thanksgiving dinner. Lounging back in his rocker, holding a ball (as one does), and entertaining the masses (which he has completely mastered). This kid is the real deal.


Thomas in his fortThomas turned 5 on December 7. FIVE! He had a Lego birthday party with friends over. Girls, even! Jess told me that I was one of the five friends he said he wanted to invite to the party, and my heart melted PERMANENTLY. This kid, I tell you.

Also, sometimes he orchestrates epic battles between good (pop-bead snakes/Shrek) and evil (dinosaurs/crocodiles).

Dino Battle

I love them all. And they each deserve their own blog post, but for today it’ll do.

P.S. We’re painting the living room. Can you tell?