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My cousin Kara, who is also one of my life-long friends (and former co-worker, can you believe my parents hired us to work at the shop at the same time? They must’ve been crazy) is due to have a Christmas-time baby, and Mom & I were very excited to throw a shower for Baby Girl Hoffman. Since the shower was in October, and Kara isn’t a frilly-pink kind of girl, we decided to fixate on pumpkins for a not-officially-themed-but-really-pumpkin-themed shower.

Little Ones to Him Belong

The invite was from Etsy, more on that later, but guys, you should really consider Etsy when you’re buying invites for something. This one was a hit, almost everyone invited mentioned it at one point or another, and my mom (who is Kara’s aunt and should really have SOME emotional distance from this situation) actually cried when she first saw it. Softy.

Pumpkins and PlantsThe shower was at my house, my small house. Large family, small house. There was just enough room for 20 chairs if we scooched the dining room table against the wall and didn’t use the front door. But like I said, we’re a big family. This is far from the first, and nowhere near the last time we’ll be crammed into a space that can barely fit us. We’ve kinda got it down by now.

Pumpkin Baby Shower

No-Pink Baby Girl Shower

Kara's Baby ShowerWe served homemade pumpkin spice latte’s (which is bold, considering Kara is a former Starbuck’s barista) and cider.. And any other edible item that we could work “pumpkin” into. And cheese & fruit, because, so much pumpkin.

Pumpkin Baby Shower

Pumpkin Baby Shower

Kara’s littlest nephew Eliyah was the only boy there, and he got through it by charming the socks off of each one of us. Cutie!

Pumpkin Baby ShowerThe lady of the hour! Kara is on the left, with our cousin Aimee whose little one is due soon after Kara’s. How cute are they!?

Kara's ShowerSo there you have it – a little (lot of) pumpkin to welcome baby Lemon (not her Real Name, just her current name, sorry!) into the world.. We are so excited to meet this precious babe!

Pumpkin Baby Shower