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Ohhhh my gosh, am I seriously still posting stuff from September?? Yes. Yes I am. But here’s the thing. These pics are all from a little camping trip to Wabasis Lake, about a half hour from home, where we celebrated Dad’s birthday a little bit early. It’s a good thing we did, too, because we spent his actual birthday in Grandma’s room singing hymns and watching her slip away from this world. We’re so thankful that we had this happy time first!

Thomas helped decorate the campsite, Mom brought her homemade apple pie, and we had s’mores. (Obviously). It was a happy little party!

Camping at Wabasis

Flower Child

Wabasis  Lake

Wabasis Lake

Mark & Jane

Homemade Apple Pie

Birthday Balloons


Vintage Lantern

CamperWe gave Dad a silly little lantern to hang outside the camper because Thomas recently told them that they should have lights outside like other campers do. Dad set up a power cord to plug it in and Thomas & Jane were more than a little spellbound. Until the next s’more was ready.. Fair-weather friends, they are.

And that’s it, guys. September, over and out.