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Fruit Ninja

Strawberry Jane

Trick or Treaters

Strawberry Jane

T&J Halloween

HalloweenWell it’s the day after, & I can’t stop thinking about that little strawberry. I mean. Little Miss Strawberry, her brother the fruit ninja, and their parents came over to help hand out candy at our house last night, which also drew their grandma like a moth to the flame. Unless you came to see my poncho, Mom? Anyway, it was fun. The ninja didn’t want to deal with a camera in his face & they both coulda cared less about getting a picture together, but did they ever come alive when it was time to dish out candy at the door.

I hope you had a safe & happy Halloween! Josh & I are headed to a black tie dinner tonight (with his boss) and I just yesterday tried on dresses to make sure I had something that was gonna work. Kara, thank you for choosing a classic LBD for us to wear in your wedding.. Five years ago. Because apparently I don’t shop a lot!

Happy Candy-Fueled Friday, everybody!