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In The Garden

Oh, this is a very big pile of carrots.

Growing CarrotsCarrots, right? So, not fennel then?

Back in the spring, Josh’s students planted a bunch of seeds and watered them until summer when they either brought their growing plants home for urban gardens or donated them somewhere else.. Somewhere like our backyard. I never paid much attention to them – they were all labeled and I could recognize some things like daisies and asters, a stray squash, etc..

There were a couple little pods of things that were labeled ‘fennel’ and ‘dill’, & I’ve never grown either of them. In fact I don’t even know what fennel looks like. Still haven’t even googled it. But by golly we were growing it.

Growing CarrotsA couple of weeks ago I went to cut down/tear out the stuff in that garden, and I gave the ‘fennel’ a good tug. Nope, not fennel. Not fennel at all. Those mis-labeled carrots snuck into the yard, survived bunny chomping season, and grew to massive, disturbing proportions. All right under my nose, without me knowing.

Growing CarrotsWell played, giant (not fennel) carrots. Well played.