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Goldenrod Jane

Backyard Pears

Thomas on a Hike

Apple Tree

Jane's Queen Anne's Lace

Goldenrod Field

Thomas's ShedMark & Jess just spent their first summer in their new house, which just so happens to abut goldenrod heaven (P&P reference there for ya). Not too shabby of a spot if you ask me. Thomas climbs barn doors and Jane eats pears and generally loves everything. The whole end-of-summer thing is easier to take when backyard pears and queen anne’s lace are part of the picture, am I right?

These pics are actually from Labor Day Weekend. Yup, I’m catching back up, folks. That afternoon, we had a backyard smoothie party with Grandma Ryan. She rarely left her home so this was a big treat – Mom brought Grandma and we all had Burger King mango smoothies, because when you’re 95 and that’s what you like, well then mango smoothies it is. ♥