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Oh yes, I did say Camburger. This is Camburger. And he is one cute little just-turned-one dude.

Cam's Birthday Party 021You know what’s fun? Getting an invitation in the mail from your nephew, asking you to come to his first birthday party. Um, YEAH. We’ll be there!

Cam's Birthday Party 012

Cam's Birthday Party 028He’s a big fan of Mickey Mouse these days (pretty sure that didn’t end for me until I hit the double digits…) so Mickey appeared a few times at the party – on the cake, cupcakes, presents, cards, you get the picture. He was the happiest little boy!

Cam's Birthday Party 015

The cake got intense so Camburger got a quickie bath while the rest of us had our cupcakes.

Cam's Birthday Party 048He’s the first grandchild on both sides, and it’s really fun to all be together & just love that little guy! We all think Cam’s just the bee’s knees. He’s so full of joy – it’s contagious.

This last pic is Ryan opening our gift for Cam (who couldn’t have cared less, but I’m not offended). We had a custom art piece done for him that says “Camburger” – and it’s shaped like a hamburger. It’s a little confusing unless you see it in person, and even then, maybe still a little confusing. It’s great. Maybe someday he’ll love it. But for now, wheeeeeels! (He loves wheels). (And Mickey).

Cam's Birthday Party 056Happy birthday, sweet boy! Uncle Josh & Aunt Suzanne just love you so much. And thanks for forgiving the fact that this post is a month late.