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Grandma's Flowers

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks now, but frankly the right words still haven’t shown up. So in lieu of the right words, I’m going for any words at all.

On Saturday, September 21, my grandma, Martha Ryan, passed from earth into heaven. She was 95 years old! (And has an older sister who may be reading this blog, too – Hi Aunt Mary!) The story is that on Wednesday, Josh & I visited her at lunch time & had a nice visit. Mom & Dad visited her later that night (unusual for a Wednesday), and late that night she spiked a fever that she never recovered from. Two days later, without pain and struggle, or months/years of obvious decline, she was gone.

We’re so thankful that she went quickly, and even though it was a surprise that week, at her age it wasn’t a complete shock. We had a memorial service for her here in Grand Rapids where she lived the last two years of her life, and today she was buried in the Hollywood Hills next to Grandpa, after a second service for her friends & fam (and her kids) in CA.

Well, I’m going to miss her. I’ll write a post sometime soon so you have an idea (if you don’t know) of who this lady was, because she definitely played a part in shaping who I am. I wish that we could have lived our lives with a few more decades of overlap, at least, because I feel like we would’ve been such good friends. Another reason to look forward to heaven, right?

Grandma's FlowersAlso, I did the flowers for the memorial here in GR. It was special to me because I always brought Grandma flowers on Wednesday, and have made it my mission to  have something in bloom all season long that I can bring. I was so thrilled to add some things from our yard into these little arrangements. It’s like my own little sendoff, I guess.

Thanks for understanding my absence, guys! I’ll be back with some more regular life stuff pretty soon!