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On Labor Day weekend (proof that I don’t blog much, I’m writing about Labor Day weekend) Josh & his brothers made one last effort at windsurfing for the year. I mean they would NEVER say this was the last chance for the year, but you know, just in case it IS, it’s documented. It was suuuuuper windy – like, too windy for windsurfing really, but when has that ever stopped them? Not until the board breaks (again). Which it did, so then they were stopped. But first:

Windsurfing Nate(Also, waves necessitate boogie boards.)

Boogie BoardsI love when the kite surfers are out with them on the water. They’re so fun to watch. And the waves are really much better suited to the guy with the kite & tiny board, if you know what I mean..

Kite SurfingI love this shot of Nate…

Nate's WipeoutEither I decided throwing sand on the blanket would be *super* fun, or it was reallllly windy.. You decide.

Sandy BlanketAnd when the tail fin breaks off, you’re done. For the day, anyway.

WindsurfingThis was Ryan’s first time windsurfing on the big lake. The waves weren’t helping him, but of course he conquered. I think Ryan can do anything. (Also, Hi Jenna!) Little Camburger stayed back with Grammy, but the rest of us were there to cheer the guys on.

Ryan & Jenna

I love summers on Lake Michigan. I mean look at this. Really.

Lake MichiganBTW, I just spent an afternoon on the beach in Chicago and was surprised by how un-like this side of the lake those beaches are. The beach I was at was rocky, seaweed-y, kinda gross, and not at all wavy. I can totally see why Chicago-ans come to MI for the lake! (Don’t worry Chicago, you have lots of other things to offer the world.)

PS. I would like to wish a “VERY HAPPY AND NOTHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN THIS TIME” September 14th to Molly. Because, well, we have a history with September 14th. One that we don’t love. So, Mol, have a VERY HAPPY DAY. I mean why not, let’s all have a VERY HAPPY DAY. Now I’m going to go turn myself in for overusing “ALL CAPS” and I’ll see you later.

Happy weekend everyone! ♥